OCR extracting

Ready-to-go APIs for recognizing, extracting, and validating data from different documents.

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Available features

Invoice data extracting

Extracting data from invoices (bills) extracts total, address, vat, subtotal, etc...

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Receipt data extracting

Extracting data from receipts extracts total amount, address, date, etc.

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Bank statements extracting

From statement, extracts such key data as bank name, transactions, etc.

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ID documents

From the id documents, extracts name and surname, number, issue date, etc

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Form extracting

Detecting and extracting keys/values pairs on form in input documents.

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Custom document extracting

Detecting text, tables, faces, barcode, qrcode from images.

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Advantages of next-gen APIs

Up and running in minutes

Best developer experiment with our AI API and your documents.

Real-time OCR

Documents can be converted to structured data within 0.5 to 2 seconds.

JSON output

The YAP OCR has JSON as standard output with these fields.