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API Integration platform: User-friendly and intuitive for business and citizen developers

Save time with low-code integration

API Integration provides the core competencies to ensure a successful API program through developer engagement, business insights, analytics, security, and protection.

Designed for serverless

Combines the enterprise-grade API Integration and workflow automation platform. It is ease of use, mostly requested from client apps, supported on cloud-based with Policies.

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Visual Editors

YAP platform is a user-friendly and intuitive API builder for citizen developers.

Gateway and Compliance

Implementing limited functions, policies provide an extra layer of security.

Entreprise Connectors

Young App helps to automate business workflows across cloud and on-premise apps providing employees.

Features on Cloud Edition

Low-code API development

YAP platform is very user-friendly and intuitively.

Serverless API

No more overcapacity issues, servers are autoscaling.

Connecting APIs

Connecting API technologies boosts organizations to innovate.

API Gateway

Robuste query language for APIs and a runtime used as Gateway.

100% Typescript

One language to rule them all. Use Typescript everywhere.


Policies ensure rate-limiting, data transformation, saving you from coding.

Security and compliance is our priority

Partnership with Amazon provides compliance and certification programs, which launch new technologies, smoothen.

Secure data storage

On-premise availability leverages security because the information is being stored on the client side.

AWS partnership

Enforce crucial processes on infrastructure, security, integration.

Encrypted sensitive data

Encrypting data rushing between connectors builds an additional security circle.

Get help from community on same technology

Discuss, help or get help and learn with the Yap community.

Build the right plan for your team

A transparent solution for accelerated digital transformation. Our free trial offer gives you a free access to our platform and also to our standard integrations with a limited access per month, without any engagement.


100 000 requests/month

2 APIs

Standard connectors

Shared cloud environment

Standard support (docs, email)


1 000 000 requests/month

10 APIs

Standard and advanced connectors

Shared cloud environment

Premium support (docs, email, chat)


Over 1 000 000 requests/month

Unlimited hosting

Standard and advanced connectors

Customized extensions

Dedicated support (chat, consulting)