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Ready-to-use API for data recognition and extraction accelerating your digital transformation powered by machine learning.

AI-driven text data
extracting APIs

Being tech-savvy, gain full advantage from adaptable and accurate OCR technology adding value to big and small companies all over the world.

usable text

Grab text from images and transform it into usable data to automate your bussiness.

costs and errors

Prevent manual data entry mistakes with high-quality data extraction.

back-office tasks

Enhance the potential of your operation and bussiness team.

Use cases

Highly-efficient solutions for companies that want to speed up the processing of accounting, banking, KYC, or legal documents and set up secure approval workflows.

Invoices and receipts

Automate processing receipts, invoices, and other documents for accounting services improving compliance.


Identity documents

Optimize workflows and automatically analyze and process KYC documents.


Bank documents

Implement data capturing for bank documents, simplify bank applications, and level up accounting.


Custom extracting

Create personalized classification or unique extracting with our customized solutions!


Automate your workflow
in 4 simple steps

Upload standard files in JPG, PNG, or PDF formats using REST APIs. Receive JSON output for efficient communication.

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Add Young App OCR API into your system

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Recognize, extract, and validate data

Collect editable and structured results.

Advantages of next-gen APIs


Human-made errors and subjective-judgment approach are excluded.

Real-time OCR

Documents can be converted to structured data within 0.5 to 2 seconds.

Intelligent automation

Collecting important data quickly and completely.